20th Century Frog Presents Osgan's Web Page

    Hi and welcome to my web page. I made this page so people and some animals with a higher intelligence then the average Upper Class Twit of the Year contestant, can come and look at some of the VRML projects I've done and some web pages you may find of interest. 

    I don't claim to be an expert or even very good at this, but I do find it interesting. If you start to feel a little queasy, airsick bags will be provided at a nominal fee.

    Now down to business. The term you need to know is Avatar or AV for short. This is a 3D representation of you in a 3D <VRML> world. It can be just about anything really but for scale and esthetics <plus so you don't irritate the living heck out of others> you want to keep the size down to human or at a maximum the size of a compact car.

    The next thing you need to know is the term world <ok everyone knows this term unless they are less smarter then the average Upper ClassTwit of the Year contestant>. But world here means a VRML page that has a lot of neat objects in it for you to explore while chatting with others.

    Now to view all of this you need a viewer. I recommend using the Blaxxun Contact viewer or from their FTP site.

    So without further mindless banter which I'm sure is boring you so bad that you want to throttle me on the spot, I suggest you look over to the left of the screen and start clicking on links.